Be the Dragon: 9 Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Magic

Roar with Confidence and Slay Your Fears with Quizzes, Quests, and More!


By Catherine J. Manning

Illustrated by Melanie Demmer

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There is magic inside you if you only dare to look.

Dragons are the heroes we need.
They have fires in their bellies, wisdom in their eyes, and hearts big enough to welcome one and all. And now you can be one, too!
In this ingenious book filled with hands-on activities, quests and quizzes, exciting stories, and charming illustrations every young reader will discover firsthand how to slay their fears and find their inner power.
How, in other words, to Be the Dragon, filled with courage, kindness, insight, compassion, positivity, and so much more.
And that is something to roar about!


  • "Taken all together, this book should help fantasy-focused kids with their self-esteem, confidence, and fears; it’s all made the more enjoyable with Demmer’s friendly artwork. This book is on fire.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Sep 14, 2021
Page Count
160 pages

Catherine J. Manning

Catherine J. Manning

About the Author

Catherine J. Manning is a children’s book writer and editor in Los Angeles. She loves taking quests to the beach and wearing fuzzy socks (usually not at the same time). Catherine lives with her husband, her baby, and her cat who tends to roar like a dragon.

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Melanie Demmer

About the Illustrator

MELANIE DEMMER is an illustrator and designer from southeast Michigan. She is also the artist behind The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary. Melanie enjoys cooking, puzzles, and watching scary movies! Her favorite episode of Parks and Recreation is season 4, episode 4, in which Donna and Tom take Ben on a “Treat Yo’ Self” trip.

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