Why I Believe

A Psychologist's Thoughts on Suffering, Miracles, Science, and Faith


By Dr. Henry Cloud

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A leadership expert, clinical psychologist, and New York Times bestselling author asks the big questions and shares his early mental health struggles in this groundbreaking, uplifting book.

World-renowned psychologist and leadership expert Henry Cloud has impacted millions of lives through his groundbreaking books and through his work coaching leaders of the most influential organizations in the world. But few people know the details of his own story and how he became one of the most beloved and respected psychologists and faith influencers in America.
In this indelibly personal and vulnerable book, Dr. Cloud leads us through his early struggles with illness and depression and the miracles that healed him and led him to his calling as a healer of others. Through masterful storytelling combined with a deeply nuanced understanding of the human mind, Dr. Cloud invites readers to inhabit the spaces of suffering and elation that make us most human and to walk alongside of him as he ponders the great questions we are so often afraid to ask but which also give life meaning.
Written in the vein of such groundbreaking books as An Unquiet Mind, When Breath Becomes Air, and On Being Mortal, Why I Believe is a masterwork in spiritual exploration from one of the great scientific minds and faith voices of our time.

  • “This book is more than a chronicle of a scientist’s journey towards belief; it is an illuminating revelation of all that connects us to ourselves, to each other, and to our Creator.”
    Roma Downey, actress, producer, and New York Times bestselling author
  • “Dr. Henry Cloud is the touchstone we all go to or return to when we need rock-solid answers on how to make life better.”
    John C. Maxwell, leadership expert and New York Times bestselling author
  • “Ever feel awkward or wonder how to talk to your friends about God? My friend Henry Cloud has done an incredible job helping us all in Why I Believe. I read EVERYTHING he writes and this book is his most pointed and helpful on the subject of faith yet.”
    Dave Ramsey, #1 bestselling author
  • “Talking about God in society today has become more challenging than ever. Henry does it in a way that is accessible and real for all of us.”
    Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The 6 Types of Working Genius

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Jun 18, 2024
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272 pages
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Dr. Henry Cloud

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Dr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert, clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author. His forty-five books, including the iconic Boundaries, have sold nearly twenty million copies worldwide. He has an extensive executive coaching background and experience as a leadership consultant, devoting the majority of his time working with CEOs, leadership teams, and executives to improve performance, leadership skills and culture.

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