Kingdom of Rage

The Rise of Christian Extremism and the Path Back to Peace


By Elizabeth Neumann

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A former counterterrorism official explores how modern evangelicalism and right-wing conservatism intermingled to form the combustible ideology that resulted in the January 6 attacks on the Capitol—and which threatens to destroy the American Church from within.  

How did a Church that purports to follow the teachings of Jesus – the Prince of Peace – become a breeding ground for violent extremism?
When Elizabeth Neumann began her anti-terrorism career as part of President George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Counsel in the wake of the September 11 attacks, she expected to spend her life protecting her country from the threat of global terrorism.
But as her career evolved, she began to perceive that the greatest threat to American security came not from religious fundamentalists in Afghanistan or Iraq but from white nationalists and radicalized religious fundamentalists within the very institution that was closest to her heart – the American evangelical church. And she began to sound the alarm, raising her concerns to anyone in government who would listen, including testifying before Congress in February of 2020. At that time, Neumann warned that anti-Semitic and white supremacist terrorism was a transnational threat that was building to the doorstep of another major attack. Shortly after her testimony, she resigned from her role as Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention in protest of what she believed was then-President Trump’s failure of leadership and his stoking of the hatred, anger, and division from which she had dedicated her life to protecting her country.
Her worst fears came true when she witnessed the attack on the capital on January 6, 2021.
In Kingdom of Rage, Neumann explores the forces within American society that have encouraged the radicalization of white supremacist, anti-government and other far-right terrorists by co-opting Christian symbols and culture and perverting the faith’s teachings. While Neumann offers decades of insights into the role government policies can play to prevent further bloodshed, she believes real change must come from the within the Christian church. She shines a bright light on the responsibility of ordinary Americans – and particularly American Christians – to work within their families and their communities to counteract the narrative of victimization and marginalization within American evangelicalism. Her goal for this book is not only to sound a warning about one of the greatest threats to our security but to rescue the Church from the forces that will, if left unchecked, destroy it – culturally, morally, and ultimately quite literally. This is a book for anyone who wants to understand the unholy marriage of right-wing politics and Christian exceptionalism in America and who wants to be a part of reversing the current path towards division, hatred, violence and the ultimate undermining of both evangelical Christianity and American democracy.

  • Elizabeth Neumann has done a service to the country—and to the church—by diagnosing the sickness of militant Christian nationalism and prescribing Jesus himself as the cure.
    Tim Alberta, The Atlantic and author of New York Times bestseller THE KINGDOM, POWER AND THE GLORY
  • When it comes to the heavy matters of radicalization and political violence, I trust no one alive more than Elizabeth Neumann, a leader with a keen analytical mind and a lifetime of experience. This book is unsettling, but maybe we've settled for too little for too long. For those who want an American future that's not filled with the dangers now all around us, this book helps us find a better way.
    Russell Moore, Editor in Chief of Christianity Today
  • In this breathtakingly honest book, a former senior Trump Administration Homeland Security official and devout Christian explains the sources of radicalization in our country -- including contemptuous politics, a toxic gun culture, intermingling of conservative Republican politics and religion, and deliberate efforts to strengthen partisan divisions.  Fortunately, she also describes solutions that apply to all of us-- from politicians to educators to parents.  Masterful, moving, and wise.
    Jessica Stern, research professor, Boston University; senior fellow, Harvard School of Public Health; and author of TERROR IN THE NAME OF GOD
  • Kingdom of Rage is a powerful, impassioned, and deeply personal analysis of the ongoing polarization that divides our country and has set us on a path of rising anger, discord, and political extremism. There is no one better or more qualified to write about this subject than Elizabeth Neumann, a distinguished public servant with decades of real-life experience in keeping Americans safe and our country strong. This is an important book by a devout Christian whose faith and acuity endow Kingdom of Rage with the insight and understanding needed to effectively counter these threats to our democracy and the core principle upon which our nation was founded
    Professor Bruce Hoffman, Georgetown University and co-author of GOD, GUNS, AND SEDITION: FAR-RIGHT TERRORISM IN AMERICA

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Elizabeth Neumann served as the Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Neumann is an ABC News contributor and the chief strategy officer at Moonshot. She is based in the Denver, CO area.

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