Saints, Angels & Demons

An A-to-Z Guide to the Holy and the Damned

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By Gary Jansen

Illustrated by Katie Ponder

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Saints, Angels, and Demons is an illustrated compendium of the fascinating lives and meaningful legacies of nearly 400 iconic figures who have influenced history, religion, literature, and art, throughout the centuries and across the world.  

From St. Augustine, whose writings helped shape Western culture to St. Bernadette, whose visions of Mary led to decades of holy pilgrimages by the faithful, and from Archangel Michael, defender of good in the face of evil to Asmodeus, the three-headed demon of lust, temptation, and destruction, the history of the saints and spiritual creatures is, in many respects, the history of the world. 

Award-winning author Gary Jansen weaves together the lives of the holy (and not-so-holy) beings who have graced and defiled our earthly realm from the first century BC to the present day. Organized alphabetically, the book provides lyrical capsule histories of nearly 400 figures describing their lives and the details of their most important contributions to the world. Each entry is accompanied by key information such as the associated signs and symbols, patronage, and feast days. A glossary and numerous appendices providing historical and religious context. 

For the faithful and the intellectually curious alike, Saints, Angels, and Demons is an essential reference and a comprehensive overview of the history of humanity, as told through a unique perspective.


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Oct 15, 2024
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Gary Jansen

About the Author

Gary Jansen is an award-winning writer and lecturer in the field of religion and spirituality. His books include the memoir Holy Ghosts, The 15-Minute Prayer Solution, Station to Station, and the multi-award winning MicroShifts: Transforming Your Life One Step at a Time. His illustrated children’s book, Remember Us with Smiles, which he co-wrote with his wife, Grace Jansen, won the prestigious 2023 Christopher Award in the Books for Young People category. He lives in New York.
Katie Ponder has a unique style that is both fresh and contemporary, referencing art deco with a touch of gothic inspiration as well as ballet, tarot cards, mythology, and patchwork quilts, all key sources of inspiration for her work. She is the winner of numerous awards including the AOI Book Award for New Talent, the House of Illustration People’s Choice Award, and the Glyndebourne Tour Art Competition. Her work has been exhibited at Somerset House in London. She lives in South East England.

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