What’s Killing America

Inside the Radical Left's Tragic Destruction of Our Cities


By Jason Rantz

Read by Jason Rantz

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A stunning book about how America’s biggest cities are being destroyed by progressive policies and woke Democrats.

Many Americans have no idea how badly our largest, Democrat-run cities have deteriorated. We've been complacent for far too long, assuming that the craziest elements of the radical Left would stay confined to the East and West coasts. But crime, drug addiction, homelessness, left-wing school indoctrination, so-called inclusive housing policies, and outrageous taxes don’t stay within the big city limits of places like Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. The effects of ideologically driven left-wing policies always spread, which should alarm Americans regardless of their political leanings.

Jason Rantz is a prominent radio host, a trusted journalist, and a frequent Fox News guest unafraid to go directly into the action. He’s grown a national following by breaking news the mainstream media won’t, covering the consequences of destructive leftist policies wherever they occur. He was right there for the chaos in his hometown of Seattle when liberal anarchists declared an autonomous, police-free “CHOP Zone.” He infiltrates the Antifa marches and knows firsthand how those radicals operate. 

This is the shocking story of what he’s learned.

Employing on-the-ground reporting and fact-based analysis, Rantz zooms out to conduct a fascinating detailed, data-driven study of how these liberal policies result in chaos, misery, and (too often) bloodshed. He skillfully recounts the tragic events with a narrative reporter's eye for detail to tell the true story of what's happening in America's cities.

  • "In his new book, Jason Rantz rips the cover off the awful, destructive policies that have turned American cities from shining beacons into increasingly unliveable hellholes. Jason stands up for the law-abiding citizens who have been betrayed by politicians more focused on gaining headlines than on the health and welfare of those who inhabit their cities."
    Ben Shapiro
  • "An eye opening book about how bad it is, and how much worse it can get if the woke don’t wake up."
    Dan Bongino
  • "The Radical Left poses a serious threat to the country we're leaving to our kids and grandkids. In What's Killing America, Jason Rantz thoughtfully tackles those threats and challenges, giving us everything we need to know to stand in the way of woke Democrats."
    Marsha Blackburn, United States Senator

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Sep 26, 2023
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Jason Rantz

About the Author

Jason Rantz is the host of The Jason Rantz Show, a top-rated talk show weekdays in afternoon drive on Western Washington's dominant conservative talk station, KTTH 770AM/94.5 FM in Seattle. The show reaches tens of thousands of live listeners and more through the show's podcast. He is a frequent Fox News guest, particularly on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, where he regularly reports and analyzes the madness in progressive cities.

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