7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life

What My Journey from Porn Star to Preacher Taught Me About the Truth That Sets Us Free


By Joshua Broome

Foreword by Jonathan Pokluda

With Billy Hallowell

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A former porn star-turned-preacher reveals seven lies our culture tells us and guides us to the only thing that creates authentic happiness: a relationship with Jesus.

Joshua Broome knows this firsthand. He had a successful career in the adult film industry, making lots of money and achieving notoriety and all the markers of success. And yet he felt empty inside. After hitting rock bottom, he cried out to Jesus … and it was only then that he was fully redeemed.

In 7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life, Joshua examines seven things we are told will make us happy and shows how each of them points us back to our need for God. 
Using his own journey as a point of reference, 7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life pairs his personal experiences with Biblical truths, demonstrating both  how we can be deceived and the healing truth that comes when we realize that Jesus really is enough.

  • "A must-read for every Christian believer, this book offers hope, guidance, and the transformative power of God's grace, providing a path towards healing and restoration."
    Shane Pruitt, National Next Gen Director – North American Mission Board (NAMB) and Author of 9 Common Lies Christians Believe
  • "A roadmap and playbook for finding healing, freedom, and purpose. Joshua’s story not only highlights God's grace, but also the power of God's redemptive re-assignments that allow for our lives to truly matter. If you’re looking for forgiveness, hope and encouragement, you've found it!"
    Brad Lomenick, Former President, Catalyst, Author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership
  • "Joshua's remarkable journey of redemption is a powerful source of inspiration for anyone currently wrestling with their battles and experiencing a sense of hopelessness…Whether you find yourself in the grip of depression, navigating through confusion, or simply seeking reassurance that Jesus hears your cries, this story stands as a beacon of hope, guiding you through your struggles."
    Ed Young, Jr., Founder and Lead Pastor of Fellowship Church in Dallas and New York Times bestselling author
  • "As a culture, we have bought a lie…In 7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life, Joshua Broome reminds us of the truth: freedom and hope are found only in Jesus. Through sharing his own personal stories and Biblical truths, Joshua gives us insight on how to break free, stay free, and help others find that same freedom. No matter what your past looks like, this book will encourage and challenge you, helping you break free from the lies that have kept you bound."
    Madison Prewett Troutt, Author, Speaker, TV Personality
  • "Joshua fearlessly exposes the self-deceptions and misconceptions that hold us back from living our fullest potential…I wholeheartedly endorse this book to anyone who is ready to confront the lies that have been holding them back and take a bold step towards a more authentic, fulfilling life that’s found only in Jesus."
    Andrew F Carter, Senior Pastor, Royal City Church, Inglewood, CA
  • "Calling all who are trapped in struggle and wrestling with darkness—this book is for you. Joshua Broome’s words are honest, biblical, practical. They are keys of hope for the hopeless—hard-won from his own personal journey. Broome holds nothing back and doesn’t throw out empty Christian platitudes for those wanting real pathways to Jesus amidst their struggle. This book will offer language and tools for those who want to experience gospel victory in their lives."
    Faith Eury Cho, Pastor and Author of Experiencing Friendship with God
  • "Joshua Broome's powerful testimony of personal transformation illustrates the power of God to change a life. Despite dealing with the darkest of industries and struggling under the weight of negative decisions, God's light shined through."
    Lee Strobel, New York Times best-selling author
  • "Joshua Broome powerfully details the ways culture sells false premises and lies about success, fame, money, and love…It is only through Christ we can find our true purpose. Joshua's book shows how he embarked on the wrong voyage but found his way back by clinging to God's promises. A must-read!"
    Kevin Sorbo, actor
  • "True freedom is death to self and living for God, a lesson Joshua Broome discovered after nearly losing his life. By God's grace, he was rescued and shown true liberation, and this book teaches the reader how he achieved what we all desire."
    Sam Sorbo, actor
  • "Joshua Broome’s story is one of incredible transformation and hope. God can always turn things around. This means God can turn around the struggles in your life too, for your good and His glory."
    Matt Brown, evangelist, author of Truth Plus Love, host of Think Eternity with Matt Brown and founder of Think Eternity
  • "Books like this don’t come around enough. So much wisdom and precious life lessons for each of us on our life journey. What an incredible display of truth. We all need to know the lies that can hinder our purpose and cut short God’s precious plan in our life. Excellent and timely."
    George Gregory, Los Angeles Chargers Team Chaplain, Co-Founder of Journey for Life
  • "Joshua Broome's story of chasing money, fame, and success shows the depths to which we can fall when we chase the world and risk losing our souls. Yet Joshua's story of redemption—finding faith and leaving behind his past—is an antidote for a confused and lost culture desperately in need of truth. This book will change hearts and minds!"
    Riley Gaines
  • "Pornography is a modern day drug, causing untold harm to children exposed to it, and individuals exploited in and through it…Josh's incredible story from porn star to preacher, vulnerably and compellingly told in 7 Lies that will Ruin Your Life, is outrageously redemptive, inspiringly hopeful, and deeply relevant for our time."
    Helen Taylor Vice President of Impact at Exodus Cry
  • "We all believe lies. Worse, many of us live out these lies believing they are true. In this timely book, Joshua helps us uncover these lies and how they are damaging ourselves, our relationships, and our purpose. You’ll discover key truths to live an abundant and meaningful life."
    Ben Bennett, Author & Communicator, Josh McDowell Ministry, Founder of Resolution Movement
  • "Grace, freedom, redemption, and power! Those are the words that come to mind as I read this book. I was surprised at the tears welling up in my eyes as I read how Joshua felt before he came to Christ; then more tears came as he told of the grace of God that set him free! Biblically solid, gracious, and simple—yet profoundly wise."
    John L. Cooper, singer for Skillet, host of the Cooper Stuff podcast, author of Awake and Alive to Truth and Wimpy, Weak, and Woke
  • "A powerful and deeply personal exploration of the human pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. Joshua's journey from despair to a renewed sense of purpose and hope is a testament to the book's central message: that our worldly pursuits can lead us astray, but the healing truth is found in our need for God. With compelling honesty and an inspirational encounter, this book reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there is always a path to redemption and a brighter future."
    Pastor Tim Timberlake, Senior Pastor of Celebration Church and Author
  • "There is a counterfeit good that can keep you from embracing God’s best. In 7 Lies that will Ruin Your Life, Joshua exposes the lies that have appeared good, pleasant, and desirable to many, but have only lured them into bondage. You’ll quickly learn that anything good, apart from God, is not good at all!"
    John Bevere, Best-selling Author and Minister, Co-founder of Messenger International & MessengerX

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Joshua Broome

About the Author

Joshua Broome was once one of the most successful adult film stars in the world. He obtained fame, wealth, and traveled the world only to find out that none of those things would fill the emptiness he wrestled with his entire life. He and his wife have been married since 2016 and have three sons together. Joshua has been in ministry since 2017. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Christian ministry and preaches all over North America. He is devoted to sharing the truth of Jesus with as many people as possible so that they can experience the joy and freedom He alone provides. He is equally passionate about helping those currently following Jesus walk more closely with Him as they step into the life He has for them.

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