Lazy Love

Recognizing and Reversing the 4 Threats to any Successful Relationship

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By Keion Henderson

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Bestselling author and Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church and Ministries shares how to strengthen your relationships—with family, partners, friends, and others—and find deeper satisfaction by learning to love better.
Humans are meant to love and be loved, but so often we fall short at loving well. We take others for granted. We make assumptions. We forget to show our affection. We grow lazy.
We so often fail in our relationships with our families, our partners, our friends, and fellow humans because we are lazy in our love for one another, says Keion Henderson, pastor of the mega-church Lighthouse Church in Houston. Lazy love prevents us from experiencing the deep, soulful fulfillment we long to know. It keeps us from being known and enjoyed by those around us. And it stops us from stepping out to give who we are without expecting anything in return.
In his new book Lazy Love, Henderson unpacks the four kinds of love mentioned in the Bible—eros, or attraction; phileo, or friendship; storge, or familial; and agape, or spiritual love—and shows readers how each shapes our relationships and our lives. He also encourages readers to uncover the unhealthy practices that often lead to damaged or broken relationships and helps reader break free of the patterns that keep us from loving well.
The good news is that each of us can learn to love better and to improve our relationships—with our partners, our children, our friends, our co-workers, and our neighbors. Lazy Love will help readers become better at loving others in all areas of their lives.

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Aug 6, 2024
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Keion Henderson

About the Author

Bestselling author and treasured spiritual leader Keion D. Henderson is Founder, CEO, and Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church and Ministries, one of America’s fastest growing churches headquartered in Houston, Texas. His ministries and initiatives are fueling the explosive growth and far-reaching impact of The Lighthouse Church, whose congregation continues to blossom with more than 15,000 dedicated members and over 800,000 unique weekly viewers worldwide across all social media platforms. With over 26 years in active ministry, Pastor Henderson is known to educate, nurture, and equip his congregants with life-changing lessons to navigate their faith with sound values and biblical principles via his accelerator for entrepreneurship. Through the weight of his words, impeccable judgement and sophisticated understanding of the forces shaping the world, Pastor Henderson delivers the word of God with rapid fire precision amongst a new generation of believers as he continues to keep faith relevant in today’s culture. Pastor Henderson is a passionate humanitarian yielding a steadfast commitment who cares deeply about the plight of the people and gives back to the global communities he serves through this non-profit Take Action Now. Recognized by The John Maxwell Institute as one of the Top 250 Leaders in the nation, Pastor Keion Henderson, born in Gary, Indiana, is a devoted father to his beautiful daughter, Katelyn and husband to his forever wife, Shaunie Henderson.

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