Money for Couples

A Six-Week Program to Build Your Rich Life Together


By Ramit Sethi

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Million-copy bestselling author, podcaster, and Netflix star Ramit Sethi helps readers navigate the tricky waters of handling and talking about money as a couple as in this programmatic and definitive book.

From personal finance juggernaut Ramit Sethi, here is a definitive book about a defining challenge for tens of millions of people: navigating the tricky waters of money while in a serious relationship. Drawing on Sethi’s deep experience working with couples, this book will help readers go from frustration to joy as they get financially aligned with their partners.

Following Ramit's ten-week program, readers begin by identifying their own deeply instilled attitudes about money and how they affect their relationships. They then design a Rich Life vision with their partner and begin having the frank but essential real-talk money conversations we too often avoid or ignore until tensions are out of control, like paying off debt, signing a prenup, saving for a major purchase or home, and teaching kids about money. After crunching the numbers and assessing their financial health, readers create a practical financial plan to make their Rich Life a reality, learn to make financial changes along the way, and ultimately build a monthly money meeting that *gasp* you will even look forward to.

Packed with enlightening (and juicy) real-world stories, answers to the most common questions, helpful money planning templates, and step-by-step scripts for navigating touchy conversations, the book will help readers become competent both as financial managers and as kind, caring, and open communicators with their partners.


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Dec 10, 2024
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Ramit Sethi

About the Author

Ramit Sethi writes about money, business, and psychology for a million readers each month at He’s been featured in Fortune, the New York Times, the Tim Ferris podcast, and the Wall Street Journal. He studied technology and psychology at Stanford and lives in New York.

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