Market Mover

Lessons from a Decade of Change at Nasdaq


By Robert Greifeld

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The former CEO and Chairman of Nasdaq shares insights and lessons learned from one of the world’s largest stock exchanges, detailing the company’s transformation from a fledgling U.S. equities market to a global financial technology company.

During 2003, the U.S. economy was described by one economist as “nervous, anxious, and waiting.” In December the Dow had topped 10,000 for the first time in a year and a half, and at year’s end the markets were up for the first time since 1999. But in the same year, American troops had moved into Iraq, and corporate boards were cutting CEOs at the slightest signs of trouble.

Amidst this turmoil Robert Greifeld, a former tech entrepreneur from outside the Wall Street bubble, became CEO of Nasdaq, a position he would hold for the next thirteen years. He saw the company through one of the most mercurial economic periods in history: the Bernie Madoff mega-scandal; Facebook’s tumultuous and disastrous IPO; Hurricane Sandy’s disruption of the world’s financial hub; the implosion of America’s housing market and the global economic crash that followed, from which we have yet to fully recover. In Market Mover, Bob will write a first-hand account of the most critical moments of his career, with each chapter focusing on a headline-making event and ending with a prescriptive takeaway to impart to his readers.

Now Bob, who stepped aside as Nasdaq’s CEO at the end of 2016, is eager to look back at more than a decade of transformational change that occurred on his watch in order to share his insights and lessons with business readers.

  • "Market Mover spins a fascinating tale of Nasdaq's near-death experience and remarkable revival over the last decade. Readers will come for the many hard-won lessons, but they're likely to stay for the surprising stories and colorful characters that populate Greifeld's narrative. Market Mover has both wit and wisdom, which is something I don't usually say about Wall Street!"
    LarrySummers,former Secretary of the Treasury
  • "Through his leadership, Robert transformed Nasdaq and ushered in a new era for the global capital markets. I was so fortunate to experience his leadership lessons over a decade of working together, and they are now memorialized for tomorrow's leaders in his exciting stories and no-nonsense narrative. Bob's personality and his many accomplishments are encapsulated for everyone to enjoy and for all us at Nasdaq to remember."
    Adena Friedman, President & CEO, Nasdaq
  • "As CEO of Nasdaq, Robert carefully shepherded one of the leading global exchanges through a tumultuous decade of change and transformation. Refreshingly honest and thoughtful, Greifeld encourages readers of Market Mover to learn from both his successes and setbacks. Covering a wide range of areas from technology, markets, and turnarounds, to deal-making, public relations, innovation, and crisis management, this book is truly a crash course for anyone interested in leadership."
    John Chambers, CEO and founder, JC2 Ventures, and formerExecutive Chairman and CEO, Cisco
  • "Market Mover captures the dramatic stories and indispensable lessons Bob Greifeld learned as Nasdaq grew and thrived amidst the digital disruption of Wall Street. Itis a primer in the stock market, a textbook in management, and a user manual for high technology-all rolled into a highly readable and deeply insightful book written by one of the best CEOs in the business. I highly recommend it to readers interested in learning how apply best practices in managing a complex enterprise at the intersection of high finance and cutting edge technology. Read Market Mover and discover a unique formula for success."
    Glenn Hutchins, Chairman, North Island and co-founder, SilverLake
  • "In 2003, Robert Greifeld was given an incredible opportunity and challenge-resurrect one of America's great business icons. Like all true leaders, he rose to the occasion. Robert's tireless leadership and superior strategic vision proved successful. Market Mover gives us the inside story of Nasdaq's turnaround and that dramatic era on Wall Street. Robert is on my short list of people whose advice I seek out, and whose leadership instincts I trust. It's truly a pleasure to be able to recommend this wonderful book by one of America's most formidable business leaders."
    Vincent Viola, founder, Virtu Financial

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Robert Greifeld

About the Author

Bob Greifeld is former CEO and Chairman of Nasdaq. He is currently Chairman of Virtu Financial, a leading financial technology and trading firm; Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Cornerstone Investment Capital, a financial technology investment firm; and a board member at Capital Rock and Financeware.

Bob is Chairman and Founder of the USATF Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting both athletes from disadvantaged backgrounds and our next generation of Olympians. Bob also serves on the NYC Board of Overseers.

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