The Admissions Secret that Gets You Into College and Beyond


By Sara Harberson

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Crack the code to college admissions and help students craft the ultimate statement of self-identity and get into their school of choice with this groundbreaking guide from America's College Counselor.

On average, an admissions committee takes seconds to decide whether to admit a student. They must sum up the student in one sentence that will tell them if a student is going to be a good fit for their program.

What is the best way to transform this admissions process from a stressful, pressure-cooker arms race into an empowering journey that paves the way to the best individual outcome?

Written by a college admissions insider turned consultant, Soundbite guides parents and students through the admissions process from start to finish. Armed with her knowledge of how the system works, Sara Harberson shares tried-and-tested exercises that have helped thousands of students gain admission to their school of choice. The soundbite, her signature tool, presents an opportunity for students to take the reins to craft their ultimate statement of self-identity and formulate their own personal definition of what is best. With this soundbite in place as their foundation, students achieve maximum impact when they present themselves to colleges. In doing so, the tables are turned: the student's fate no longer rests on a soundbite composed by an admissions officer. Instead, the student employs their own soundbite to define themselves on their own terms. Soundbite shifts the way we talk about the admissions process—from "Getting You In" to "Getting the Best You In."

  • "High school students coping with anxiety and insecurity over college applications will be relieved to know that they have a secret power that differentiates them from everyone else. Soundbite is an immensely readable and practical guide to discovering that secret. Sara Harberson has years of experience helping students from all different backgrounds run the admissions gauntlet. She has distilled her insights into wisdom that applies well beyond the college years: ‘know thyself and know thy strengths.'"
    Bill McGarvey, author of The Freshman Survival Guide: Soulful Advice for Studying, Socializing, and Everything In Between
  • “The college admissions process can be complicated and stressful. It’s why every student needs a ‘Sara Harberson’ as their college counselor and Soundbite allows them to have it.”
    Gretchen Carlson, acclaimed journalist, Co-Founder, and female empowerment advocate

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Apr 6, 2021
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Sara Harberson

About the Author

Sara Harberson is known as America's College Counselor. With more than twenty years of experience, she is a nationally recognized authority on elite college admissions. Her credentials are formidable: former Associate Dean of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania, Dean of Admissions at Franklin & Marshall College, and Director of College Counseling at the Baldwin School.

Now, as one of the only private college counselor who has led both an admissions office at a highly selective college and a college counseling office at an elite high school, Sara also shares her expertise with a wider audience through several channels/outlets:, a free website available to all,, for personalized counseling to private clients, and Application Nation, a private subscription-based Facebook group. She lives in Lancaster, PA.

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