How We Love Matters

A Call to Practice Relentless Racial Reconciliation


By Albert Tate

Foreword by Lecrae Moore

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This powerful book reimagines discipleship by begging us to acknowledge that racism exists in the Church—and offers the hopeful message that we can disciple it out.

It is not an accident that racism is alive and well in the American church. Racism has, in fact, been taught within the church for so long most of us don’t even recognize it anymore. Pastor Albert Tate guides all of us in acknowledging the racism that keeps us from loving each other the way God intends and encourages siblings in Christ to sit together in racial discomfort, examining the role we may play in someone’s else’s struggle. 

How We Love Matters is a series of nine moving letters that educate, enlighten, and reimagine discipleship in a way that flips the church on its head. In these letters that include Dear Whiteness, Dear America, and Dear Church, Tate calls out racism in the world, the church, within himself and us. These letters present an anti-racist mission and vision for believers to follow that helps us to speak up at the family table and call out this evil so it will not persist in future generations. 

Tate believes that the only way to make change is by telling the truth about where we are—relationally, internally, and spiritually. How We Love Matters is an exposition of relevant Biblical truth, a clarion call for all believers to examine how they see and understand each other, and it is a way forward toward justice, reconciliation, and healing. Because, yes, it is important that we love each other, but it is even more important how we love each other. 

  • “In this timely and necessary work, Albert Tate carefully challenges us to pull our chairs up to the table and have a necessary conversation about the gospel, love, and justice. In an era where extremism from the non religious and religious alike have seemingly monopolized this conversation, Albert offers guidance and direction that is rooted in the revelation of the Jesus of the Bible and not the Jesus of this land.”
    Dr. Dharius Daniels, author, Relational Intelligence, Lead Pastor, Change Church
  • "How We Love Matters is an invitation for God’s beloved community to sit at the table and enter into each others narratives for the sake of true unity. For years I’ve had a front row seat to witness one of America’s best communicators. But Albert is not just a talking head. He has poured out his life to be a vessel of ethnic unity. This book is a timely and necessary offering, guaranteed to inspire you."
    Dr. Bryan Loritts, author, Insider/Outsider
  • “Albert Tate’s character and excellent communication skills consistently shine God’s light in How We Love Matters. This book is for everyone who wants to see God’s Kingdom now and forever expressed by every tribe, tongue and nation gathering diversely, equitably and inclusively at the table of Jesus. In other words, How We Love Matters is a MUST read for every follower of Jesus!”
    Greg Nettle, President, Stadia Church Planting
  • “When I’ve talked to white pastors who were in ministry in the 1960s during the Civil Rights era, they’ve told me looking back, they wish they’d done more. It was too frightening at the time. We’re in such a moment right now. And the reason you’re scared to pick up a provocative, compelling, and demanding book on racism and justice by one of today’s leading voices, is exactly the reason, you, like me, need to do it. Read this book.”
    Carey Nieuwhof, Bestselling author of At Your Best, podcaster, and speaker
  • “Albert Tate does what very few authors have the capacity to do. Pastor Tate is uniquely gifted by God to surgically cut to the heart with convicting truth but to do so with thoughtfulness, humor, and grace. This text emerges from the sensitivity and heart of a pastor of a multi-ethnic church as he offers uncompromised truths and inspirational stories that offer a hopeful narrative of what could be in the church.”
    Soong-Chan Rah
  • “What Albert Tate gives us here is priceless. It's his life and heart. It's his story and family. It's his pain and ache. It's his anger and hope. It's his conviction and courage. It's his Gospel: Why Love Matters.”
    Dr. Mark Labberton, President, Fuller Theological Seminary
  • “Rooted in biblical truth, combining searing memoir and incisive cultural commentary, How We Love Matters is a powerful book for today. Albert Tate writes with prophetic urgency. He does not flinch from addressing the church’s sin and complicity in the area of racism and systemic injustice. But he doesn’t end there; Albert calls us away from a shallow response, reminding us of the power of the gospel to bring true redemption, and reconciliation. May God’s people hear these vital words, take them to heart and then - live the life.”
    Jo Saxton, Leadership Coach and Author of Ready To Rise
  • “We need as many astute and winsome voices as we can get to address the ongoing reality of racial fragmentation. Albert Tate is a welcome voice to this issue. Albert writes and preaches from a depth of personal and pastoral experience that can only enrich our lives. With wonderful storytelling and prophetic urgency, we are once again given an opportunity to love better and deeper. This book is a gift.”
    Rich Villodas, Lead pastor of New Life Fellowship and author of The Deeply Formed Life
  • “We all need to learn how to love better: especially now. That’s why I’m so excited about this book. Albert Tate is an amazing man, mentor and friend who’s ministry has had a profound impact on me both from up close, and from afar. I’ve seen him on pulpits, prisons and patios, teaching and preaching to anyone who would listen. I’ve seen their lives changed through his words. I’ve seen mine changed as well. His words have now found paper and the stories have come to life. Join Albert on this journey of navigating through difficult but necessary conversations on race, justice and loving people well. You’ll be glad you came.”
    Sam Acho
  • How We Love Matters is the book we need for the soul of the Church. Albert reveals how racism continues to exist in the Church today, but also provides tangible steps to reconciliation. As a father and pastor, my goal is to provide a life and a church for my children that they can grow in their love for Jesus and live a godly life. My prayer is that this book would inspire the necessary change in us, so that we can continue to build a world that reflects Jesus and His values for the next generation.”
    Chad Veach, Pastor, Zoe Church
  • “Pastor Albert Tate has really created an incredible framework for anyone who reads this work. How We Love Matters will go down in history as a literary catalyst for racial reconciliation, not only in the church but in every area where people’s lives intersect. If you are really serious about understanding how to love your brother or sister who may not look like you, this resource is all you need.”
    Erica and Warryn Campbell

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Albert Tate

About the Author

Albert Tate is the founding and lead pastor of Fellowship Church in Los Angeles County California. He began his ministry pastoring just a few families at Sweet Home Church in Mississippi before serving the historic Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, California. Hearing the call from God to plant a church, Albert and his wife, LaRosa, launched Fellowship Church in January 2012. In its short history, this gospel-centered, multiethnic, intergenerational church has already established a solid foothold in the region to the glory, honor, and transformational power of Christ. As a dynamic communicator, Albert is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally. He serves on the Board of Trustees at Azusa Pacific University, the Global Leadership Network, and Global Church Planting Organization, Stadia. Albert is the Founder and CEO of The Greatest Story, Inc, and President of Harambee Ministries. Albert is also the author of How We Love Matters. Albert is the proud father of four children: Zoe, Bethany, Isaac, and Micah

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