Igniting Spiritual Awakening Through Radical Humility

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By Zach Meerkreebs

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Why did a "simple and unremarkable" message at a small college in Kentucky lead to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that continues around the world? Radical Humility, says pastor Zach Meerkreebs.

As Zach Meerkreebs ended his sermon on the campus of Asbury University, he prayed, “Jesus, do a new thing in our midst. Revive us by your love.” He had preached about love in action and urged students to consider how to love one another authentically, realizing they could not until they experience the real love of God. Before leaving, he challenged, “Do not leave here until you experience the love of God so that you can pour it out.” To him, the sermon felt quite ordinary and unremarkable, yet several students remained, praying and worshipping, and others joined them until a crowd formed that grew to over 65,000 and covered the campus and small Kentucky town. As the worshipping and praying continued, for sixteen days and nights, the media began reporting on what came to be called the Asbury Outpouring. 

In Lower, Zach shares his experiences at the Outpouring and answers his own question, what sparked this revival? Radical humility, he says, is the essential posture to prepare for a fresh move of God. The World, even the church, is full of messages of conquering, climbing, ascending, and being victorious . . . but Jesus invites us to go lower in humility and empty ourselves of our ego and sparkles. With honest self-awareness, we can engage humility—removing whatever blocks get in the way of its formation in our lives. He describes the qualities that form humility, including entering the crucible where our wounds and suffering are refined by holy fire, and the crushing, where we endure pain and grief as Jesus tenderizes our hearts. It's also returning to childlike trust in Him so that we gain confidence to move forward in faith, allowing Him to shape us into the character of Jesus Christ, saturated by lowliness and God's very real, authentic love. With personal stories, Scripture, testimonies from Asbury, wisdom from other Christian writers, and key insights he has received in quiet moments with Jesus, Zach shows readers the path to radical humility and deeper friendship . . . with God.

Those at the Asbury Outpouring encountered the presence of Jesus and witnessed healings and revived faith and hope, launching a movement that has spread His abundant love across the globe. As we go lower in our pursuit of humility, we can steward spaces prepared for a move of God and shine Jesus to all those who are watching.    

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Zach Meerkreebs

About the Author

Zach Meerkreebs is the proud husband of Kristin and father to three little girls: Eden, Esther, and Mercy. He is thankful for the opportunity to have served within churches by coaching and catalyzing church plants, traveling and speaking, and most recently had the gift of of a lifetime as he preached on February 8, 2023, where he had a front row seat to see God moving amidst the Asbury outpouring where a small town and university experienced 16 days of unending prayer and worship. More than one hundred thousand guests from around the country–and the world–experienced the peace and power of God.

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