Mindfulness (25th anniversary edition)


By Ellen J. Langer

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The revolutionary book that showed how mindfulness can be applied to every aspect of our lives

The highly innovative findings of social psychologist Dr. Ellen J. Langer and her team of researchers at Harvard introduced a unique concept of mindfulness, adapted to contemporary life in the West. Langer’s theory has been applied to a wide number of fields, including health, business, aging, social justice, and learning. There is now a new psychological assessment based on her work (called the Langer Mindfulness Scale). In her introduction to this 25th anniversary edition, Dr. Langer (now known as “the Mother of Mindfulness”) outlines some of these exciting applications and suggests those still to come.


  • "A landmark work of social psychology."
  • "[Langer] has shown us the power of mindfulness."
    Psychology Today
  • "Mindfulness is the book which changed it all."
    Female First
  • "More relevant now than ever before."
    Blogging on Business

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Oct 14, 2014
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272 pages

Ellen J. Langer

About the Author

Ellen J. Langer, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Harvard University, is the author of Personal Politics (with Carol Dweck), The Psychology of Control, and Mindfulness, which has been published in ten countries. She is also coeditor of Higher Stages of Development and Beliefs, Attitudes and Decision Making. She is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and numerous awards including the Award for Distinguished Contributions to Psychology in the Public Interest of the American Psychological Association.

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